An independent photographer based in Amsterdam


A passionate photographer with an extensive media experience
I am a storyteller, spending most of my time working on in-depth long term projects about social issues concerning diversity.
After a career of working into different fields of media such as television directing and web design, I came back to my ‘roots’ of photography. Photography was the first medium I used to artistically express myself.

My broad multi-media experience shaped my approach and the use of audio interviews to let the subjects tell their own stories, combined with the images make my work more distictive and engaging.

My social documentary photography has an inside out approach: instead of being an outside observer, I try to let the subjects speak for themselves as much as possible. Focussing on what basically drives them. Trying to inspire people to update their way of perceiving things.
Currently I am working on a project called OLD about the stigma OLD and the feeling of having an expiring date. As a woman, as a person, as a human being. This project puts up the question ‘When are you really old’ and ‘What actually keeps anyone from being an active part of society’? For this project I follow three modern women in the age of 64, 67 and 74 in their daily lives. “How old is a person really at that age? What do they do? How do they feel? What do they think? Can it be nice to have that age?”

Another long term project I am working on is about Jasmine a woman who once was a man.



Leica Fotogafie International blog:

Catalogue Biennale Venice 2017, by GAA Foundation and European Cultural Centre : Personal Structures – Open borders Sculptor Ellen Klijzing page 163-165  2 pictures


After studying audiovisual design at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam, I worked for Dutch national television. First as an assistant and later as a one-camera director in the field. At SAE Technology College I was trained to be a multi media producer. After that I worked in the ICT business as a project and content relationships manager and designed websites.
Then I began to write, advise and provide creative training. Finally I have gone back to my roots of photography; something I started to do even before art school .

To come back from the moving to the still image and broaden my vision and network I attended intense documentary photography workshops abroad, with big names in documentary photography like Gary Knight, Marcus Bleasdale, Philip Blenkinsop, Christopher Morris, Es Kashi, Antonin Kratochvil, John Stanmeyer and Donna Ferrato. I worked with them in Burma, Rwanda, France, Greece, Chernobyl (Ukraine), Armenia and Germany.

In 2016 I did a 7 months masterclass by VII Photo Agency in Berlin with photographers out of 16 different countries.





Over the years I have developed a good eye and a fine ear

I work with a Leica camera using a 35mm Summicron and a 50mm Summilux lens.


To tell a story you often need several platforms. I can be of your service helping you create a multi platform experience.


My personal work mostly consists of long projects about social issues.


Over the years I have become a design consultant for personal websites.


How best to communicate depends on your goal and who you are. I love to help people explore these options.

What does it look like to feel ?

How can I show you what I see ?

How can I show what you tell me ?

How can I make you see ?